Bob’s Burgers FTW.

I sincerely hope you are watching Bob’ s Burgers on Fox.  Smart, edgy and absolutely absurd this might be the best animated series since Family Guy.

The Simpsons is just not funny anymore and even Peter Griffin’s family is starting to feel old and way too predictable.  If you are looking for a solid twenty one minutes of “laugh out loud” funny – you could do a lot worse than Loren Bouchard’s cleverly bizarre series about a guy just trying to run a family restaurant and sell some burgers.

I love this show and was thrilled that Fox had the good sense to add it to their line up.

Check out a full episode at the Fox Website by clicking here.




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One Response to Bob’s Burgers FTW.

  1. selina dove says:

    I have been a huge fan since Home Movies was on primetime, abc as I recall. I think I might be in love with loren bouchard, Bob’s Burgers isn’t going anywhere if I have something to say about it. Then again, I am a huge (closet, sort of) fan. This is the first time I have left something like this on any website, since I have been a software engineer since the early nineties, well, I’m shy. If you like Bob’s Burgers and haven’t seen Home Movies, you are missing out! If it’s not a cult favorite it should be (it’s my cult favorite).

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