Psychoslash Comic Reviews! Week of 3/16

Hello slashers!! Good to see you again. When last we met, I was trying to throw aside any preconceptions of what Batman should be… but spring is just about here, and with the rise in temperature, could my cold heart be melting toward all things Batman or has there been a change in the way DC deals with at least one Batman title? I guess we will find out. Now, LETS GET IT ON!

Brightest Day 22

Now that Brightest Day has finally taken an interesting turn, I am looking forward to each new issue that comes. This issue picks up the Firestorm story where Firestorm’s two personalities are stuck in the antimatter universe  searching for the revived Deathstorm, who has loved ones of Firestorm. As Firestorm searches, we cut to Anti-Monitor (yes the big bad Anti-Monitor) trying to take the White Lantern while Deathstorm watches. Firestorm finds everyone, and joins in to fight Deathstorm and Anti-Monitor. Just when all seems lost and Deathstorm is about to hand a deadly blow, the professor jumps in to save Firestorm, and is turned to salt. With this death, the two Firestorm personalities accept each other, to which the White Lantern announces, “Mission Accomplished”. The White Lantern destroys Deathstorm and the other revived Black Lanterns, then transports Firestorm to the White Lantern forest, where Boston Brand is waiting to accept the White Lantern. This issue feels like its leading to the conclusion of the Brightest Day story line. I’m sure there are a couple books left, but this comic is coming to a terrific end. This issue was great, and I give it a 4 out of 5. Brightest Day has really turned itself around.

Ultimate Comics: Avengers vs. New Ultimate’s #2

The last issue saw the Avengers being told that Nick Fury’s secret team of Ultimates was behind the sales of super humans to other, non-friendly countries. This one shows Nick Fury gathering his troops, including a very interesting and somewhat funny exchange between Fury and the Punisher about what would entice him to join the team. Fury’s team this time is Punisher, Hawkeye, Blade, and War Machine. The team goes on a mission to find someone, and there is a funny moment in a bar stakeout where Fury and War Machine basically makes fun of the former Ultimate Iron Man series. When the team finds their man, he’s trying to sell a super human to a not so friendly organization. When Fury goes in to apprehend, the seller transforms into the original Hulk, and he beats the crap out of everyone, including the giant War Machine. It takes Blades hypnosis to calm the beast, and just before the killing blow, Hulk tells Fury that it was the Ultimate’s that hired him to make the sales. That’s were it ends, but there is plenty of foreshadowing for a huge confrontation between the two teams. Someone is pulling the strings towards this confrontation, and even though the confrontation will be fun, the finding of the string puller will be even better. I give this issue a 3.5 out of 5. It was good, but not great.

Batman 708

I know what you’re going to say. Why do you put yourself through so much torture? To keep reading Batman titles, hoping for a view of the promised land, or at least a  good Batman, how can you go on? I’ve tried to be strong, and held out hope against hope, and finally it kinda pays off. I’ll make this quick. This issue starts with Batman finding some thug, stopping him from killing a couple of cops and then letting the thug take his best hand-to-hand shot. The thug almost breaks his hand, and as the cops leave with the thug, Batman nearly falls over from the punch. At this point I almost burned the comic, thinking, “here we go again”. But I’m glad I didn’t as Batman goes to confront someone making havoc in a part of Gotham. He meets with Catwoman and Red Robin, and proceeds to save some people and fight some guy who is really trying to look like Azreal. As Batman is about to finish the fight, Azreal shows up, and tells everyone that the madman is one of his disciples, and they are trying to get rid of all the evil in Gotham. When he says all the evil, he means anyone who has sinned (I would be fine because I’m awesome, wait is that vanity, damn it, I’m screwed). Azreal claims he will return to smite the sinners with his disciples, and that even the heroes should come to terms with their life to avoid judgment. That’s pretty much where it ends, and I can’t wait to see this go forward. There was action, an old school feel to Batman, and Azreal, which is always good. I give it a 4 out of 5, and hope to give the comic more next issue. BATMAN IS BACK!

Infestation GI Joe #2

I’m reading through the different Infestation titles right now, and they are pretty fun. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a set of comics about zombies coming to un-life within all the IDW titles. In the GI Joe set of comics, the zombies are brought about by a computer virus that takes over the BATS that are under the order of the Baroness. The virus was thrown into the system when the Baroness captured a tech savvy Joe, and then takes a robotic arm he was trying to destroy and plugs it into their submarine base. That was a bad idea because it takes over the doctor that was working on it, along with the rest of the base. Baroness does everything she can to survive, including releasing the Joe to figure out how to stop the virus and the controlled doctor. The Joe attacks the controlled doctor, and unfortunately dies in the process of stopping the virus. Baroness is seen trying to escape the sinking sub base, and as one of her vipers come to show her there are 15 breathing tanks, she kills the viper, and tells controller that she is taking his share of oxygen. It ends there. For anyone that thinks zombies are fun, these comics are worth it. Zombie animals, zombie robots, zombie people. It has it all, and I can’t wait to see this Infestation storyline come to a dramatic finish. It gets a 4.5 out of 5.

The Amazing Spider-Man 656

This comic has been getting better and better. Peter Parker is now a big time scientist, flush with money, and has made a pledge that no one dies under his watch in New York City. This issue sees a villain called Massacre killing hostages and making demands (so much for the no one dies). When Spider-Man come to the rescue, he tries to talk to Massacre, but Massacre fires on everyone in the area, and Spider-Man is shot, (in part because he no longer has his Spider-Senses). While getting stitched up at the free clinic, he gets into an argument with Paladin, who is waiting to get treated. During this confrontation he comes up with the idea of building Spider-Armor, thin enough to still be able to climb walls, but resistant to all gunfire. At his lab he develops the new suit, and while it shows he was working for days, he comes out and is very short with all his fellow scientists, which leads to a talk with their youngest member about how the lab is trying to help stop the villains of NYC. This no one dies proclamation is going to be tough because its taking its toll on Spider-Man’s psyche, and Mayor Jameson is trying to reinstate the death penalty for all murderers. When Spider-Man finds Massacre holding more hostages and ready to kill them, he takes to the battle is his new suit, using a new web to stop the explosion of the hostages, and jump in front of all the bullets to stop anyone from dying. Then when Spider-Man apprehends him, the SWAT snipers try to kill Masacre, per the order of Mayor Jameson, but Spider-Man stops the bullets, again stating, “No One Dies” not even villains. This new, no nonsense Spider-Man is a bit refreshing because everyone has a breaking point, and he has finally reached it. This should lead to some great stories going forward. This issue was almost perfect. I give it a 4.75 out of 5. I can’t wait for more.

With that I leave you as a very happy Psychoslash. When I read good comics, I’m happy, and either someone is listening to my reviews……or DC finally realized that Batman needs to be Batman, not Sherlock Holmes or some guy that always gets captured. Things are looking up going forward…I hope. Until next time Slashers!

(Smoke Pellet and I trip over a drunk kid leftover from St. Patrick’s Day)



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