Rango – The Online Video Game World

I have not seen the movie Rango.  Here is what I know about it. Johnny Depp is a Lizard who becomes a western sheriff and saves the day.

I HAVE played Rango – The World by Funtactix.  Here is what I know about it.  It’s as if Webkinz World and Playstation Home had a child.

That’s not a bad thing. If you are into  social “casual/time waster” type games then this free interactive world game may be a good match for you. I’ll be honest, it’s not really my thing at all but when my 10 year old walked by she immediately jumped on with her computer and spent an hour dressing her Lizard Avatar and walking around the very detailed environments all based (I assume) on the animated movie.  I spent some time talking to other players and made a friend; a 21 year old Lizard girl named Taloola.  She told me that the game is fun though really aimed at younger folk as she had already maxxed out at level 10 after playing casually for just a week.  She did however say that she’s looking forward to the developers adding content so I guess they are doing a pretty good job keeping players interested.  The most interesting thing about Rango- The Word to me is how Funtactix can  build a world on top of this “frame” for just about anything. You could easily imagine Kung Fu Panda- The World or Suckerpunch – The World working on this same platform providing an easily customizable web marketing tool to appeal to diverse audiences. I was kidding about Suckerpunch by the way.

After playing the mini games for a while I decided to decorate my personal space and have a party.

Sadly no one came.

Sigh.  Maybe I should have worn a nicer shirt.

If you’re a Rango fan or  have kids who are, check it out. (there is a “safe chat” feature for young ones so you can breathe a little easier while letting them explore the world.)


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