Amy Adams + Lois Lane = Happy Geek

Zack Snyder’s Superman just gained some serious cred in this Geek’s book because Amy Adams is playing Lois Lane.

This is awesome news as she’ll bring some serious acting chops to the Metropolis Reporter and I can’t imagine she’d sign on unless there was a great script or at least a great treatment at this point.  Are we really going to get a movie worthy of the Man of Steel? With Snyder’s visual style and Nolan’s guidance – it’s possible we’ll all forget that Superman Returns debacle once and for all . . .

I just hope Zack doesn’t write it or try to infuse it with bad remakes of 1980’s pop hits.

Just saying.


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One Response to Amy Adams + Lois Lane = Happy Geek

  1. Ivan Martez says:

    How can you say that Superman Returns was a debacle? It was a really good movie. My only gripe is Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane…..Not a good choice. I do think that Bradon Routh was a great choice for Superman. He played the role very well. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was also a great choice. I enjoyed the story and so did the film critics. I think it did not do as well because of Kate Bosworth. Lois Lane is a big part of Superman which is why I’m glad that Amy Adams was cast. I’m not too sure about Henry Cavill, I’ll have to wait and see on that.

    How could Kate Bosworth be your ONLY gripe with the movie? How about how it was yet ANOTHER boring Lex Luthor Real Estate scheme? How many does that make now? At this point I fully expect to see luthor’s face on a bus stop ad trying to list my condo. And how about the way Bryan Singer made the whole thing about how LONELY and difficult it is to be Supes? Hey Bryan – we get it- it’s hard to be gay… Can you tell a DIFFERENT story by any chance? it sorta felt heavy handed in Xmen but now Supes is actually PRETTIER than Lois Lane so you message seems a little FORCED. I want a SUPERMAN movie the likes of which we have not yet seen. I want a FORMIDABLE enemy and a knock down drag out fight. I do not want any more Kryptonite shivs. The Luthor beats the he’ll out of Supes scene in that flick was like a snuff film. Disturbing. I want The Man of Steel to inspire me and stand for Truth, Justice and the American way. I don’t care if he’s sad. Suck it up krypto boy, life’s a bitch buy a helmet…oh wait you don’t NEED a helmet because your SUPERMAN. That’s all I’m saying. -Calmixx

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