Iceberg right ahead… In 3D!!!

Warner Brothers is admitting they made a mistake releasing the Green Lantern footage, as they say “Before it was ready”(cough cough). That’s good… No really. It takes a lot for a multi-gazillon dollar studio to admit they made a mistake. It’s the reason for the mistake, that I’m taking issue with. They’re blaming the 3D!?!

Really!?! Come on man!!! Let me get this right… The 3D made the Special Effects look ridiculous? Look at Deadpool… I mean Ryan Reynolds over there… Killer 3D shot… BOOM ( How many Frakking times do yeah think they make him point his fist at the camera?)!!! Alright I took a shot at 3D… Beacause it’s a bucket of dren, and It doesn’t work!!! Even with that said, it’s not the reason everyone is looking at this movie like one of Island of Dr. Moreau’s creatures.

It’s because of this…

And, this !!! And it’s too bad because, Killawog and Tomar are actually very cool characters… They just look utterly ridiculous!!!

Now I may not be a huge GL fan, but I do know that this is a potential blockbuster franchise if done correctly. Mark Strong as Senestro is brilliant casting, and Reynolds has the chops to be a good Hal Jordan. And there’s the rub. When everyone’s seen enough already… You got a problem.

Warner Brothers solution… Pull a Calrissian maneuver and get as close to the Star Destroyers as possible. Plans now are to release a new trailer when Thor hits the screen. This in no way screams kamikaze… Not at all.


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