An “Old School” Eternal Descent Side Scroller is on it’s way to the iPad!

Kablamm! That early design work of the lovely Lyra swiping somebody in the face over there on the left is EXACTLY what my casual video gaming lifestyle has been missing.  I was just hanging out online  the other day minding my own business when I happened to bump into our friend Llexi Leon of Eternal Descent fame.  I was like, “Hey Llex – what’s going on buddy?”, and he was like “Oh nothing Calmixx – just getting ready to create the BEST IPAD APP EVER! “ and I was like – “NO WAY!” and he was like – “WAY!” and I was like – “DUDE – do NOT tease me!” and he was like – “It’s all good Calmixx – you gonna dig it the most . . “ and I was like – umm, uhh, Yeah – almost NONE of that happened. I mean I was online and  I was talking to Llexi Leon but it was not at all like that paraphrased “Wayne’s World” scene up there. It is however absolutely true that Mr. Leon and company are prepping a pretty sweet looking iOS game though and if all goes well it will make the jump to XBox Arcade and PSN as well.  Here’s what he ACTUALLY said.

It’s very early stages now but the idea is to combine a 2D fighter combat system (including plenty of wild combos) with a side scrolling RPG Adventure. There will be items & power ups to improve character stats – players can develop their own set of combo’s and abilities, depending what they upgrade on their chosen character. We hope to include 2player co-operative mode, boss challenges and other unlockable content to reward players for progressing through the story mode.

I for one am in.  I’m loving the look of the designs so far and even though it’s almost too early to even be talking about it yet – everything these guys touch is quality.  I don’t think I have even TOUCHED a console video game since blowing through The Force Unleashed 2 in about 20 minutes so the fact that this is going to be on a casual platform most likely with a casual price point has me feeling all the more positive about it as well.  Plus it’s Llexi – and that guy just rocks.



Hey don’t forget – the Eternal Descent Graphic Novel Volume 1 ships on April 12th and it has a pretty clever “Scratch and Riff” feature.  In addition to 30 pages of bonus art/concept pages it comes with a code that when entered at this address will unlock an exclusive MP3 and an MP4 download of the Eternal Descent Animated Short.



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