Nintendo 3DS is Hurtful.

I finally got my hands on a Nintendo 3DS!

There was really no difficulty in doing so, I just wasn’t in much of a rush in the first place.   Video Games in 3D are a good idea in theory, you would think that the more immersive the experience the better, right?  The trouble is that your eyes aren’t really designed to be used like that so the device has to “trick” them into “seeing” the illusion of depth.

The end result of tricking your eyes for any extended period of time is that your brain says – HEY , THIS IS SOME KIND OF TRICK and tries to sort it out. Then you get a headache at the worst and very tired eyes at the least.

So the end result of spending $250 on a Nintendo DS that can play games in 3D is that you won’t want to for very long.  PLUS – because the games are in 3D, Nintendo feels justified in charging you an extra 10 dollars for them as the 3DS games are $39.00 vs. the usual DS price point of $29.00.

So I played Street Fighter for 20 minutes on a Nintendo 3DS.  It was kinda lametacular.

Certainly not worth the extra 10 bucks for the game.  Maybe the experience is different on other games, but I can’t imagine how.  This is kind of surprising given Nintendo’s usual quality.   We joke about the Virtual Boy, but that was a LONG time ago – and even THAT system was at least pushing the available technology of the time.

This;  not so much.



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