Psychoslashmania! Reviews for the Week of 3/30/11

With Wrestlemania just having past  I feel like I need to BRING IT this week. So without further wait, get ready for the comic reading, geek beating, eye brow raising, review spouting, most electrifying comic reviewer of them all, THE PSYCHOSLASH! IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE SLASH IS REVIEWING!!!

X-23 #8

X-23 goes to Madripoor to talk to Daken, who she thinks has some clues about a “new” restart to the Weapon X program. This is the showdown that everyone has been waiting for, Wolverine’s clone vs. Wolverine’s son. This comic starts slow with Gambit still playing big brother to X-23 as they run into an old friend and make a plan to draw Daken out. The plan works, then the fireworks start. The fight starts because Daken doesn’t believe that X-23 is Wolverine’s clone, so they fight, and show that each have the claws, senses, and healing ability. There are some fight scenes in this that are worth the buy in itself. There really isn’t that much more here, but I enjoyed the book, and I’m really enjoying X-23’s road to redemption as she finds out who she really is. Is she a killer, or is she an X-Man, or something in-between? I give this issue a 4 out of 5, hoping that the next issue gets even better.

Wonder Woman #609

Of all the people in the world, Dr. Psycho–longtime Wonder Woman nemesis–pulls Diana in a sort of limbo between life and death. There, it is revealed that the Diana we’ve been reading about for the last nine months is merely one of an endless series of aspects of Wonder Woman that have appeared throughout the ages: always different, but always acting as an avatar of hope, heroism and leadership. Finally I am getting some answers as to why Wonder Woman is doing what she’s doing, but I still don’t know one very important thing, WHY DO HER FRIENDS NOT REMEMBER HER? AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS OR SOMETHING? Wow, I feel a little better. This book wasn’t bad though, the story aspects were ok, and learning the past lives of Wonder Woman was pretty cool. But the next issue is what I’m waiting for. A showdown between all the Wonder Woman’s is coming, so maybe we can get the old Wonder Woman back. Please, enough with this weirdness going on, WHY COULDN’T SHE FLY UNTIL LIKE TWO ISSUES AGO? WONDER WOMAN CAN FLY, YOU HEAR THAT NBC? I give this a 2.5 out of 5. Let get these things straight.

Age of X Universe #1

Those following the Age of X story have seen what is going on inside Fortress X, but what about the “heroes” living on the outside?  Are there Avengers and Spider-Man in this alt-world? Why are we in need of an alt-world storyline? Isn’t this already happening in the Ultimate Universe? Why am I asking so many questions today? For anyone who is in need of alt-world storylines, this may catch your attention. To sum up, Iron Man is pretty much a zombie cyborg that looks like hell without the armor, Captain America hates mutants so much that he kills people, The Hulk is disfigured and kills almost everything, and Invisible Woman is the voice of reason on a team that is very dysfunctional. This team must take on the mutants, and this first issue was a prep issue before what will probably be an interesting battle. Also in this book, Spider-Man is still fighting the good fight, but is hunted because his DNA is different, which means could be mutant. He heads home to tell a very pregnant Mary Jane to run away, because he doesn’t want to put his family in any danger, especially if the baby has some powers. Mary Jane flees, which leads to Spider-Man being captured, and that’s how the issue ends, with Mary Jane getting on a plane to Paris. I’m not really impressed with this story arc, I mean its not needed because Fear Itself is coming, and the X-Men need to find better stories them alt-realities. It gets a 1 out of 5. BOO THIS MAN!!!

Teen Titans #93

Ok, I was just wrapping my head around taking Robin out of the team, and bringing in Red Robin. He just joined the team and they made him team leader. Wait, wasn’t that one of the reasons why Robin left, because he wanted to be team leader? So this confuses me. I guess they didn’t have any other storylines for Red Robin. Way too many Robins. So now with Red Robin in command, the team heads to the desert to help find missing scientists. When they arrive, and new girl named Solstice who has the power of “positive energy” is waiting to help the cause. Maybe another new member, I don’t know, I’m losing track. The team finds a demon woman, who takes Wonder Girl and her mom into another demon world, leaving the team in the desert to figure out how to save them. That’s it. It ends there. I was not impressed by this issue, even though I liked most of the previous. I give it a .5 out of 5. That’s right, I just gave this comic a spinebuster into a peoples elbow. Get it together.

Amazing Spider-Man #657

This book is one people should read. If you want an interesting look back at the relationship between Johnny Storm and Spider-Man, this comic has it. At first I didn’t know what to think of this issue, because it went away from the normal story line, but it turned out to be really interesting. It showed just how much the Fantastic Four loved Johnny Storm, and just how much they need Spider-Man fill the void left both on the team, and in the family. There are 3 great stories in this issue, and it makes me want to get Johnny Storm back sooner then what will probably be a year sabbatical. You really should read this issue; it has some action, some suspense, and some laughter. I give it a 4 out of 5.

1……2…….3. And that’s the review. The winner and still champion of the comic universe…..THE PSYCHOSLASH.


(Smoke Pellet and I stay in the ring to pose with the belt)


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