Mortal Kombat Legazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Remember a while back when Seven of Nine and the guy who played Spawn like a million years ago got together with one of their cinematographer friends and made a viral “Mortal Kombat” short film cut to look like a Hollywood reboot? Yeah well it’s some kind of actual thing now – on the internet at least. I think it’s tied into the new video game or something and to be honest I don’t care. Not because it doesn’t have high production values – because it does; the reason I don’t care is because the first episode is so boring I keep falling asleep before I can post it here. As a rule, the one thing your short film based on a video game where guys freeze each other and tear out each others spinal columns should not be is boring.  Blech. Maybe episode 2 will be better.


About calmixx

Calmixx is the Pseudonym of New York Artist/Writer Brian Mc- - HEY wait a minute. Why have a cool Pseudonym if you're just gonna tell people it's a Pseudonym? Yeah you can just call me Calmixx for now. Maybe if we have a third date I'll give up the last name but not without dinner. Check out my silly little blog and let me know what you think. Because I care. I really do. Really. Honest. Sorta.
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