Terrible 1990 Captain America Movie to get Director’s Cut Blu-Ray in May!

Okay – to be fair it’s not THAT bad.  It’s actually completely watchable when you think about the OTHER attempts at putting the character on the big screen at that point.

Matt Salinger is absolutely adequate as the Star Spangled Avenger and The Red Skull is actually a tad menacing (and a full on NAZI). Observe this exchange that occurs when the Red Skull and Cap face off in the modern day. It at least shows the dynamics were understood by the writers and they were trying to get it right.


Red Skull:

Fifty years ago, you were Dr. Vaselli’s ridiculous idea. You remain a clownish symbol that no one cares about.

Captain America:

I care.

So the word is that this is getting a Director’s cut Blu Ray release in May to capitalize on the new flick and I am more than willing to give it another look at this point in time.

What I am NOT willing to take another look at is ANY of the Captain America debacles put out in the 1970’s.  You know – the one where his shield is the front windscreen on his goofy Motorcycle and he wears a helmet that makes him look like Captain Shortbus . . .




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One Response to Terrible 1990 Captain America Movie to get Director’s Cut Blu-Ray in May!

  1. Johnny Kiewra says:

    Hi! How exactly, where, and what is the best way to order the 1990 Captain America director’s cut blu-ray? I’ve been trying to find a way for days. I sure would love to get a copy and watch it before the new movie comes out. Can you help? Thank you.

    It’s like it disappeared John! I’ve been looking too – as soon as I find it I’ll send along the info . . .

    Hey Johnny – I just sent you an email with info from the director.

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