I really don’t appreciate The 5th Element enough.

As a Sci-Fi fan I’m starting to think that I take too much for granted.

I had some free time today and happened to come across The Fifth Element on TV.  I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something about this movie that makes it . . . special. 

I have seen it about forty times and if I’m being totally honest, it’s one of the last things I truly enjoyed Bruce Willis in.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s hard to explain exactly.  It’s a Sci-Fi movie but not really. It’s an action flick but not exactly.  It’s sorta . . . well . . . it strikes me as a live action Manga.  It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s loud and when it’s over – you want more.  It’s amazing when you realize that this was made by Luc Besson; the same man who made The Professional and Le Femme Nikita . . . this live action cartoon about an ancient weapon against evil that manifests in the form of Mila Jovovich is about as far away from those films as you could get without involving George Lucas.  It’s not to be taken seriously and yet all the players treat it with respect. No mugging and not a bad performance to be found in a veritable minefield of “hammy” possibility.  Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman are given characters who are beyond ridiculous and yet they both manage to pull it off.  I think I actually kind of LOVE this movie and yet I never go looking for it.  It never enters my mind when I’m yammering on and on about Geek stuff I’m into.  Why is that? What is it about The Fifth Element that makes me like it so much without actually caring about it?  The other thing that strikes me about it is how much George Lucas seems to like it too because the Blue opera singing alien from Fifth sure does remind me of a certain blue Jedi from the Star Wars prequels.  Come to think of it doesn’t Anakin free fall through a traffic filled sky before landing in a yellow flying car as well? Hmmm. Maybe I’m not the only one who isn’t giving this movie enough credit . . .


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2 Responses to I really don’t appreciate The 5th Element enough.

  1. DarthRagous says:

    I would more than agree. I came across this movie on television several years back, and it instantly stuck with me. I couldn’t stop quoting parts, even to this day. It is truly one of the best, well as you said it’s hard to describe, but it is one of the best “something” movie.

    Oh, and not to nitpick, but it was not Anakin who went free falling into a yellow flying car, but Obi-Wan Kenobi. One small bit of useless trivia for a fellow scifi geek 🙂

    Enjoy your day.

    You are absolutely right! Looks like I am FINALLY starting to FORGET the Prequels! It’s a happy day for me. sniff . . .
    sniff . . .promised myself I wouldn’t cry . . .

    • DarthRagous says:

      It’s okay *holds out a handkerchief* unfortunately for some of us, we will never forget the prequels… even though we’d like to forget at least part of them *I’m looking at you Jar Jar*

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