Geek Force 5 gets a Kimmie Britt Action Figure!

Leia. Alice. Max.

For those of you who are math challenged; that’s three.

Yet Geek Force Five requires. . . FIVE members. Hence the name.

That means we need TWO more.  No my friends . . . we need only ONE more because screw that silly looking Abercrombie Model dude with the glowing hands and angsty stare –     Kimmie Britt is #4.  Now go read her recap of Season 6 of Weeds and find out if your gonna want to inhale Season 7…



A scant 2 months remain before we get another hit of Weeds!
In honor of the recent 4/20 “Holiday”, the Dowager of Dank is back as Showtime released a teaser for the premiere of the latest season of Weeds, created by superb writer Jenji Kohan.
The seventh season of Weeds, premiering on June 27th at 10/9C, has only 13 episodes left to complete quite a task. Our favorite matriarch MILF Nancy Botwin, portrayed by award winning actress Mary-Louise Parker, has danced herself into the stickiest of the ickies this time around.
The staggering season 6 finale, left our Mary Jane Mommy confronted in an airport by her third husband, drug lord Esteban Reyes (Demian Bichir) and his right hand man Guillermo. (Guillermo Diaz) Nancy, in her first selfless act, opts to take one for Team Botwin and instructs geektacular
brother-in-law Andy (Justin Kirk) to initiate “Plan C.” It’s as mysterious as Uncle Palpatine’s “Order 66” and as Nancy leaves Andy, her two sons Silas and Shane (portrayed by Hunter Parrish and Alexander Gould, respectively) bound for Copenhagen, she exits the airport with baby Stevie and evades her captors once again by confessing to the FBI the murder of Pilar Zuazo.
The maternal separation could not have come at a worse time for Shane. Forced into togetherness while on the run, Shane finally started to form a connection with his mother, something he was severely lacking the first few seasons. There was a lot of negative chatter by the show’s fandom, claiming the route Shane’s character took was too dark and serial killer-ish to be believable. I would personally disagree. Shane has always
been an off-kilter boy who was desperate for any sort of attention from his mom, most likely a side effect of watching Dad kick the bucket right before his eyes.  His random acts of violence have been easy to explain away thus far, but as they have gotten more and more daring in nature (like, for example, the murder of a Mexican politician maybe?), they’ve become increasingly harder for Nancy to deal with. Kudos to her for
stepping up and dealing with the problem in her own way, even if it was four years past the point where it could have helped him.  At the very least Shane is finally starting to realize that his actions come with consequences, and even more so when his family are the ones who pay the price.
Speculation is spreading through the interwebs like fire through the acres of Agrestic and many are wondering just what in the hell is going to happen next. Will Nancy go to jail? How will the boys fare in Copenhagen without their pot mama? Any guest appearances from previous cast members? I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely curious to see what Celia and Conrad have gotten into. Will someone finally tell Esteban that his over-emphasis of certain words is severely unappealing? Please, someone tell him that from me.
The big question on my mind is how will only 13 episodes fare for our star-crossed stoners Nancy and Andy? Can she accept him as he has stepped up time and time again to care for her
children and look past the geek savvy to his inner charm, or will she continue to brush him off in favor of more big time baddies? Not that there will be many men in a Women’s Correctional Facility after the FBI takes her in, but that hasn’t stopped our Hemp Honey before.
Kohan was quoted in an interview last year as saying the upcoming season could very well be the
last considering everyone’s contracts are ending after this year, and she would consider seven years to be “a
good run.” Showtime has yet to confirm that they will renew the series after this season, but as for me, watching all the twists, turns and quirky tumbles definitely leaves me hoping that this dramedy wont get



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2 Responses to Geek Force 5 gets a Kimmie Britt Action Figure!

  1. Alice Malice says:

    There is a lot of chicks here on Geek Force 5 and the only thing I have to say about that is….GOOD!

  2. leia says:

    is it bad to have a boy on the force? i’m glad for a little testosterone!

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