Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday, THORSDAY!

Ok,  Slashers this is it!  I would like to thank the mortal staff at the Ziegfeld for not seeing me as I stealthily made my way into their advance screening of he who wields the Hammer!

I have watched that which is Thor and before I get into the review, a couple of ground rules. First off, I’ll do my best to not give away too much of the story, but this review won’t be spoiler free. Secondly, I’ll break up the review into a couple of categories, just in case you value one category over another. Finally, sit back and enjoy because this is a Psychoslash special event.


The acting was what you would expect from a comic book movie. This isn’t going to be up for an Oscar, but all the actors were believable in their roles. To be honest with you, before the film I was worried that Chris Hemsworth was going to be a bad Thor, but I was pleasantly surprised. You could really feel for him, and he played a great God of thunder. Natalie Portman was good as well, but she didn’t blow me away as Jane Foster. She added a feminine touch, and brought some emotion to the screen. The two best actors in this for me were Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Kat Dennings as Portman’s intern. Hopkins was a very powerful, yet caring ruler of Asgard who made clear his intentions to teach his sons to the very end. Dennings might have originally been cast as eye candy, but she was great comic relief, with some one-liners that almost stole the show. Overall I’d give the acting a 3 out of 5, well done, but nothing great.

Special Effects:

This is what made the movie stand out most for me. The effects and art design were amazing. Everything looked very mythical, yet believable. The art within the CGI was amazing, and you could tell a lot of work was put into it. The one piece I was worried about before the movie was the rainbow bridge, but it was done in a manner that didn’t make me feel awkward for Asgard. Special effects get a 4.5 out of 5.


For all intents and  purposes this is an action movie, and if you want to see some great action, this will do it. The first fight scene with Thor against the frost giants is really well done. The hammer is thrown around like it should be, and the warriors three make the fight seem that much more epic. I could easily see this fight scene having taken place in a Lord of the Rings movie. The later fight scenes are shorter and not as epic, but watch the fight involving Thor and the shield agents for a very special shield agent cameo. And if you don’t know who I’m talking about after you watch it, then you might as well turn in your geek card, cause you sir or madam are no geek. I give the action a 4 out of 5. Very cool fight scenes.

Overall Story:

The overall story was interesting to me from the start. I am normally a comic traditionalist, and I was a little disappointed that Jane Foster was a scientist rather then a nurse, but eventually I realized that trying to make Thor into the Donald Blake persona would have been too difficult, but they did give a nod to us traditionalists with some neat hidden Easter eggs. The story works very well in the overall Marvel movie universe, making sure to make some mention of things that are happening in the world around the movie, not just what’s happening in New Mexico. It’s a little different from Thor’s comic origin story, but it makes Thor more palatable to fans outside the comic world. Everyone should be able to understand this story, and enjoy it fully without being a Thor expert. I’m giving the story a 3.5 out of 5. I was hoping for more of Thor’s struggle to change is mentality towards his responsibilities, but it works.

Overall Rating:

You may think this is just me taking the average of my scores above, but you would be wrong. After much thought I wanted to really give a value with an explanation to this rating. In my rating system, The Dark Knight is a 5, while Dolph Ludgren’s Punisher is a 0, with all other comic book movies falling in-between. I try to relate movies like this to other comic movies, rather then films at large. With that being said, this movie gets a 4 out of 5, putting it just ahead of iron Man 2, but behind the original Iron Man and Spider-Man 2. I expect this movie to do very well at the box office, and you Slashers  should go see it. It is well worth the price of admission. (It’s also worth springing for a helmet full of popcorn, and a big ol’ Asgardian beverage!)


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    But what about LOKI?!

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