THOR wins the Marvel “Movie Bake Off”.

I never liked Thor comic books.  Asgard bored me to tears.  Thor as a rule in comics just did not connect with me at all.  Didn’t get it. Didn’t care. When checking out the Avengers, if there were a few pages in the realm of the Norse Gods I flipped right past them in a rush to get back to Stark, Banner and Rogers.  That’s just the way it was.

Now, I was open to the Thor movie. I’ve always been a Kenneth Branagh fan and Natalie Portman is great in every movie she has been in. Yes. Even those three movies. As for the God of Thunder himself, I thought Chris Hemsworth was the best part of the Star Trek Reboot so I walked into the theatre open to having my opinion of Odin’s blonder son challenged.  And so it was.

Thor is a blast. So much fun. More so than ANY of the other Marvel movies. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I actually can’t wait to see it again.  The fantasy elements of Asgard could so easily have been goofy or cartoonish on the big screen – they’re not. You just find yourself accepting that there is a giant Rainbow bridge popping inter-dimensional wormholes throughout the galaxy and Earth is a stop on the route, not unlike Flatbush Ave.

I’m hearing chatter on the interwebs that people don’t like the way SHIELD is integrated into this. I don’t understand that at all because I think this movie probably has the best use of SHIELD yet and Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson finally gets to be a bit of a bad ass instead of comic relief for Tony Stark.  My number one fear of Thor was that he would not fit in the Marvel movie universe they have built for the upcoming Avengers. It was an unfounded fear because when Thor tells Coulson that they are allies now and more or less invites himself into the Avengers it’s pretty damn funny – and downright geektacular.

I really loved this. Got totally caught up in it and was sad when it ended because I was having so much fun.

Some spoiler free words about the after credits scene at the end . . .

At the end of Iron Man – Sam Jackson shows up and tells him about the team they are putting together. AWESOME!

At the end of The Incredible Hulk – Tony Stark shows up and tells General Ross that they are putting a team together. This makes no sense. Why tell Ross? Is he inviting Ross to join the Avengers? He can’t even CATCH the HULK… If he wants the Hulk, why not find Banner. Surely SHIELD could facilitate this if they wanted to. Why send Stark at all? It’s clear in IM2 (which actually occurs during the time period of the HULK film) that Stark is not authorized or in Nick Fury’s eyes QUALIFIED to make such an offer or admission – so WTF?

At the end of Iron Man 2, we get the shot of the Hammer that serves as the “Coming Next Issue” cliffhanger for Thor. I think this was the BEST use of the gimmick up to that point as it left me very interested in getting down to “Hammertime”.

The scene at the end of Thor actually succeeds in being a little bit scary and makes you fear for our heroes and the obviously formidable threat they will face in The Avengers.  (Don’t fret too much – I’m sure they’ll win.)

Hey – is The Avengers going to have a scene at the end of it’s credits too?  Hmmm.

If Captain America is half as much fun as Thor is – this shall be an EPIC movie summer!

(By the way, an explanation for all the Mego graphics is forthcoming . . . )


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