The CW Hates You. They love Bryan Singer – But they Hate You.

Did anybody thank Brandon Routh for lending them his suit?

First things first.  I am not qualified at this moment in time to discuss the merits or lack thereof of the finale of Smallville.   I have watched maybe – 8 episodes over the ten years that folks on the interwebs have been whining about making Tom Welling the Man of Steel.  So finally, after all this time; the end arrived and Clark Kent became Supes. I have no idea if there was some emotional chord being struck in the scenes with John Schneider handing him the costume from Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.

There's a cartoon on the wing of this plane!

I have no idea if there was some kind of deep meaning behind his first action as the big blue boyscout being the same thing he did the first time we saw him in Singer’s flick. I just don’t know. What I do know however is that it looked ridiculous and cheap.  Really cheap. Like a cutscene from a PS2 video game.  The CGI was so bad it almost struck me as a stylistic CHOICE. But why would they do that? Why wait ten years to cheap out?  It just looked terrible.  This is not some “Blue Beetle” pilot.  This is the television reveal of Superman. This is what the whole point of this series has been. Watch Clark grow up in Kansas and get the full story of how a farm boy becomes Superman. Blech. Terrible.

After 10 years watch a fiery Planet Monster get punched by the Cartoon of Steel!

Covered in fail.   Just astounding that they made you sit through an hour and fifteen minutes of blah blah blah to give you 25 seconds of what appears to be an homage to Max Fleischer (Look it up – this ain’t Wikipedia).  And then after all that SUCK – they dared to invoke John Williams’ iconic score to the original Superman Movie with Welling stepping onto the CGI skyed roof of the Daily Planet  (why did they need to CGI the crap out of this?)

Sorry fanbase - he looks like it's Halloween.

and ripping open his shirt to reveal his shield. Yawn.  For ten years now folks have been saying they should make Tom Welling Superman in a major motion picture.  I honestly do not have a dog in this fight, but judging from the Smallville finale it appears that all those voices screaming out on the interwebs were just plain wrong.

Trick or treat.

Sorry. I don’t see it.  That’s not Superman.  Superboy? Sure – Angsty, teenage Clark Kent? Okay – The Man of Steel? Nope.


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4 Responses to The CW Hates You. They love Bryan Singer – But they Hate You.

  1. BrotherJobu says:

    After roughly 15 minutes I was hopping it was going to cut to black. Nope. They really made everyone watch.

  2. leia says:

    Hmm, it does look cheesy (the CGI) to me, BUT I have not watched a single episode of Smallville so I don’t think any opinion I have is valid. To the diehard fan, I’m sure the episode fulfilled their Superman dreams.

    I agree that seeing under 10 episodes out of 200+ is enough basis to review the finale but since I haven’t seen any of them, who am I to say? 😀

  3. Alice Malice says:

    I’ve watched all of Smallville…and I really wanted to like the last episode. But the cgi was so terrible it was hard to ignore (it was often bad in the show, but it would have been nice if they had improved it for just the last five minutes). Personally I would have really preferred a real suit, it’s bound to be cheaper then shelling out the thousands of dollars it took to do the cgi. And the episode in general was cramming entirely too much in even a 2 hour special.

    It’s not enough to make me hate the show in general, not in a long shot. But it could have been a lot better.

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