Jim Salicrup does Lousy Sketches!

One of the best things you could get at Wizard World’s Big Apple Comic Con was a “lousy sketch” by Jim Salicrup.  I’m not judging him – that’s what he advertised them as.   If the name doesn’t ring a bell with you – you should be aware that Jim was the editor of The Amazing Spiderman during the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline.   If by some chance that is not enough to convince you of his place in comic book history, how about the fact that he was the guy who hired Todd MacFarlene to draw Spiderman? No? Still not good enough for you?  Damn you people are rough – you’re just going to have to take my word for it, a sketch of a Marvel character by Jim Salicrup is pretty damn cool.   Actually Jim himself is pretty damn cool; his dry sense of humor on display to passing fans as he tempted them with the promise of free Smurf comic books and told the story of how their creator Belgian comic book artist Peyo had made a deal with licensing companies that they could use the Smurfs as long as they never had them do anything stupid like interact with real people or travel to New York or anything.  As long as Peyo lived the Smurfs were to remain in Smurf Village.  Of course now they are interacting with Neil Patrick Harris and the whole of Manhattan in the forthcoming 3D Smurf Movie.  The moral of the story for Mr. Salicrup was “don’t die”.

A really fun guy to spend some time with, you should seek him out if you find him on the schedule of your local conventions.

Plus, for an editor his Hulk sketch really isn’t all that lousy.  I happen to like it very much and regret not having asked for the rest of the Avengers.  Next time . . .


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