Alice plays with herself (that came out wrong)

The graphics are so . . . life like . . .

Alice reporting in!

I’ve been mighty busy playing Alice: Madness returns. The game is a long awaited sequel to the successful American Mcgee’s Alice. It directly continues on with the previous game’s history. It won’t be impossible to play this game without playing the original, but it will enhance the experience.

Alice: Madness Returns takes the player to many locations to further continue the story from the first game. Alice is trying to piece together her past, attempting to discover whether she in fact started the fire that led to the death of her family. We see Alice explore all of the corners of her mind (or Wonderland? The game constantly questions what is reality). Alice’s mind is in shambles, and Wonderland is feeling the effects. By exploring Wonderland and London is the only chance for Alice to find the answer.

This video game relies heavily upon the art and style. Each level has different themes, in one you’ll be in an underwater adventure walking among the fish, to the horrific and gory Red Queen’s castle, than the gray and dreadful streets in London. It’s important not to rush through the levels, and take in the scenery due to the amount of detail. This is also a part of gameplay, since part of the experience is finding memories or teeth (yes, teeth upgrade your weapons. That’s new!)

The game’s combat and controls are very fluid. The player will be using every tool in their arsenal to destroy the barrage of bizarre and creepy enemies. Returns utilizes the improvements to gameplay since the last game, which use a dodge and lock on enemies functions. With the use of the double jump and “twirl” which keeps Alice afloat, the platforming is very manageable.

Returns is not without it’s flaws. There is a significant amount of texture popping, which gets very distraction throughout the game. Since the game is so vast and detailed, there are times when the player will run into the invisible walls of the game. Since you can become so small in the game, you expect to be able to go into every nook and cranny instead of just some of them. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive after awhile, but this is likely because the it is longer then many games.

But I can’t lie to you good readers, I’m a touch biased. While I saw the flaws in the game, I was a rabid fangirl of the original and quickly became a fan of this one. Imagine! Alice loves Alice.


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