Another shot of Batman by Bilal Bhatti

Bruce Wayne in Bathrobe. Is he sick? Hurt? Hmmm.





Sorry for all the “spoiler” drama but folks get crazy when you ruin their Batman Movies.

Bat fan Bilal Bhatti has delivered again with a shot of Bruce Wayne on location filming The Dark Knight Rises.   He also advised that word on the set was that Bale was filming a scene with Michael Caine as Alfred and that Bruce Wayne was sitting … in a wheelchair.  If Bhatti understood correctly it seems we may get a broken bat this time around.  Now how would that tie into the Lazarus pit stuff they shot in India?  Hmmm. Seems to me that after a dip in the Lazarus Pit, not only are you healed of any ailments you may have but you also experience a superhuman surge of power … the kind one might use to oh I don’t know … beat the Bejesus out of Bane?


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