The Beach Monument

Rising from the Fog . . .

Not only do I run the best website on the entire internet but I also am lucky enough to live minutes away from the best beaches in the entire world.

I don’t care if you think your beaches are better – you’re wrong. My beaches have monuments.

WHERE is my beach you ask?  I can’t tell you. If I did, Megan Fox would start hanging out there waiting for me to show up and I can’t have that.

The monument I speak of is a passionate pseudo art project that I have had the pleasure of watching rise from the dunes on Long Island’s South Shore.

Made up of driftwood and things found on the shore, it’s a sort of shrine to summers past and the beach culture kids growing up here.

Flip Flops, sunglasses, flags, buoys, broken boating equipment . . . everything fits together in a sort of ram-shod shelter that started many years ago and gets bigger with each new surf season . . .

The kids responsible for the structure don’t just pile a bunch of garbage together and call it a monument. From a distance the structure is impressive, looking like it might be from the set of Lost or something, but when you get up close and start looking at the way they have put it together it’s really rather awesome.

Plus – if they didn’t collect all this stuff and fasten it to driftwood in an odd entry to a Robinson Caruso edition of Architectual Digest all of this stuff would just litter the shore.

This is much better. AND it’s really interesting to look at. Much more so than you would expect a  bunch of broken crap that fell off a boat and washed up on shore to be.

These are some of the kids who build it every year after the winter wears it down. I imagine some day they’ll move on to bigger things but I sincerely hope somebody else is watching and will pick up where they leave off.  I think it’s got some major potential to be a Long Island landmark.  It’s a lot cooler than that stupid Duck Building.

I really like this monument.  It feels like something much bigger than the sum of it’s parts and in a world where most kids are tied to their computer screens or entranced by Facebook; it’s really cool to see these Long Island kids doing something so . . . primitive.

Shells near the Monument Entrance.


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