Captain America – The First Avenger > Every Other Summer Movie Ever Made

When is the last time a two hour movie ended and you wanted more?  I don’t mean “I would like to see a sequel” more – I mean “NO! Please don’t end – Can’t we have just a little more NOW? Please?”

Director Joe Johnston, Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and every single person who touched this thing probably right down to the caterer have produced what I feel is the greatest Marvel Comic Book movie ever made.

Did they change the source material? A bit. You won’t care. Is some of it hokey? It’s a comic book folks; this ain’t Macbeth.   What it is is FUN.  All kinds of Hydra fighting, Nazi hating, super soldier shield tossing American pride filled FUN.  Two hours of it and I can’t think of a wasted frame. It’s a TIGHT two hours that make you wish you were Steve Rogers – a kid from Brooklyn who just wants to do his part for his country – and do it well.

I don’t think I’ve seen a movie 2x in a theater since Tim Burton’s Batman – I’ll be paying cash money to see this one again. In Imax 2D if I can find it. (No reason to see this in 3D folks – sorry.)

I was so hyped up for this one that I was sure it would be disappointing . . . there was no way it could live up to the build up it was getting in my subconscious.   I am absolutely thrilled to report that my hopes were exceeded.

Stay after the credits for a peek at The Avengers and wish Joss Whedon good luck and God speed because to top this he’s going to need it.




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