Manga you should know about with Psychoslash!

Ok, so most geeks should know what Manga is, but for those of you that don’t know, and shame on you, its basically Japan’s version of comics. Majority are in black and white, and most times if you want to read them after they have been translated you have to read the book in reverse, or from right to left for those of you that don’ know what reverse means. With that out of the way, were are some great manga titles that you should know about, for those who know, and people new to the manga game. Let’s get it on.

Bleach: This is an interesting title about death gods, the world of the living, and about the fight against evil things. Ultimately the story is about the high school kid named Ichigo, who in order to save his family must take the death god powers from an injured death god. There has been a ton of storylines about his manga, so anyone interested will have plenty of stuff to catch up on. I recommend it for anyone that enjoys various worlds, and swordplay. Plus there are plenty of transformations for anyone that like people coming into powers. It’s dark and dirty with moments of laughter. Bleach has also become a cartoon, that you can see late night Saturday night on Cartoon Network.


One Piece: Pirates! Enough said. This is a fantasy pirate story, set in a different world, with a bunch of weird characters, but with some pretty badass battling. It has just about everything, good guys who are really bad. Bad guys, who are really good. Individuals with fantastical powers. Swordplay. And storylines that are almost to much to believe, but leave you wanting more. Anyone who even heard of manga as is slightly interested should read this. It’s a slow starter, but stay with it, it gets really, really, good. And eventually there are cyborgs.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi: This is a great story about a high school kid who is no good at anything, but when he is in danger, he runs to a martial arts house, and runs into the greatest teachers of martial arts in history. This one is the true underdog story. Kenichi starts off sucking at everything, and has no friends, but through trials in the martial arts, he gains confidence, friends, and respect. For anyone who ever felt like they were the underdog (and really who hasn’t in this economy) this is the book for you. Also, you actually learn a little about different martial arts in this book, which will help you when you want to throw a reverse elbow at Grant Morrison. (HE DESTROYED BATMAN AND HES GOING TO DO THE SAME TO SUPERMAN)

There are many more manga that are worth reading, but these should get you started down the right path. See you next time slashers.

(Smoke pellet and I grab Zangetsu on my way out)


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