Marvel Assembles the Avengers for SDCC!

When I was a kid I was all about DC.  Batman, Superman, The Justice League . . . as a middle aged geek however I am finding myself being all about the Marvel Universe.

Maybe it’s because of awesome stuff like this banner that Marvel released to make sure you are aware that they are making a movie about the Avengers.

I wonder if the plan was ALWAYS to make the Avengers or if it just sort of took off after they put Nick Fury in the end of Iron Man as an Easter egg. I mean you KNOW they are going to say it was the plan all along – just like Luke was Leia’s brother and Anakin built C3P0 but I wonder if they REALLY knew this was coming when Sam Jackson stepped onto the set.

Geektacular flick coming in 2012 . . . click the picture to make it bigger (Hulk looks AWESOME).


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