DC: To Reboot or not to Reboot?

Ok, so I’ve been away for a little while, and it’s given me time to survey the DC Reboot situation. Now, for those of you that don’t know, or don’t completely understand, here’s the situation. Currently DC is running a crossover storyline called “Flashpoint”, which changed the whole DC Universe, and twisted it into the worst possible DC world they could think of. Think “Age of Apocalypse” but with Batman being the most badass you have ever seen. Right at the beginning of this storyline, DC announced that they would be rebooting all 52 titles that they have in their DC Universe. The word reboot was thrown around right away, but since DC has drawn back, and decided to say that some characters will get rebooted, while others will just be reimagined, and still others will be rethought. If you’re confused because “Brightest Day” just changed everything, well you’re not the only one. DC looks like they are going to turn their back on years of incredible comic history, in favor of storylines and character designs that help push the movies. DC is using the time altering  “Flashpoint” storyline to change everything to help WB make up for the fact that Harry Potter is coming to an end. They didn’t even listen to the reviews of the fans. If they did then Swampthing and OMAC wouldn’t be getting their own titles.

On the negative side of this reboot, DC is getting rid of some comics that people enjoyed, like the Titans and Power Girl. Another issue is that they are going to let Grant Morrison take over on Superman, to which I say……WHY GOD WHY? He tried to kill Batman, now you want him to kill the man of steal. Are you just toying with the people, trying to make them hate DC? Please don’t let him do this. Superman will never be the same. Another potential problem is the fact that every storyline outside of Flashpoint that’s going on right now is going to just be stopped/halted. A perfect example of this is Batman Inc, which is being halted to make room for all the other Batman family titles that are coming out in September. So basically any fan DC has gained from current story’s, they don’t mind losing by throwing a whole new reality at them. It doesn’t make sense. I get that Flashpoint is the best time to do this, but it really makes me think that DC doesn’t care about their fans. I’m just saying.

On the positive side of this, DC will be delving into characters that they have handled very poorly recently. First of all, Batman is back, not Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, as Batman, and it looks like it will be the badass Batman of old. Grayson won’t be forgotten; he will go back to Nightwing, which is great because his character really can out strong during his Nightwing time. Also in the Batman universe, Jason Todd will get a chance to shine…. finally.  He has been so underused lately; it will be nice to see him being a leader of a new “X-Force” type team.


Hopefully the reboot will do more good then bad, but the recent track record at DC has shown the contrary. Wonder Women has been changed up more then anyone, and Batman was almost turned into James Bond or a happy go lucky Batman. If the reboot is done to make the characters better, fine, I can live with that. But, like many think, if this reboot was done to help the WB movie bottom line, then DC will lose a great deal of life long fans that are just feed up, including this one.

(Smoke pellet and I’m lost once again in thought of what will be)


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