Isn’t it shocking how much we’ve seen of The Dark Knight Rises so far? Footage of a MASSIVE brawl outside Gotham City Hall with Cops, thugs, tumblers Bane AND Batman all front and center and ALL OVER the internet. Seriously. I don’t even have to link to it – go do a Google search.

I guess it’s part and parcel of the fact that these scenes are being filmed during the day on location in a US City, but it’s awful jarring to see SO much, so fast in  the “spy footage” form we’re seeing it.

I don’t remember seeing ANY of Batman Begins until the very first publicity shot was published in Entertainment Weekly and if I recall correctly, all of the stuff with Two face from The Dark Knight was secret right up to about 2 weeks before it opened.

Does it matter? Probably not. Look at where the camera is in some of the mass fight shots they are doing. The shots by Christopher Nolan are much higher and closer than the stuff we’re seeing from a distance Youtube style.  Cut together it’s going to be unrecognizable from this leaked stuff (I think).  As for seeing SO MUCH of Bane and Bane being so short next to the Dark Knight – I would bet it’s all part of the plan.  Give us something to bitch about while they make him into a MONSTER.  I really hope that’s the plan.  Sleight of hand, bait and switch – after all – if there was something we weren’t supposed to have seen yet – we wouldn’t have seen it.

Catwoman anyone ?


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