Dear Avengers: Cleveland is NOT New York.

This is not New York.

The Avengers are filming some major action sequences that take place on the streets of New York  soon but they will not be doing so in New York.

In next summer’s The Avengers, New York will be played by Cleveland Ohio.

In my opinion this is a terrible mistake.

Marvel Comics is in NYC.  The vast majority of their continuity takes place in and around NYC.   While I fully understand WHY they would fill in other places and “pretend” it’s NYC, I can tell you that it won’t FEEL authentic.  Remember “Rumble in the Bronx” ?  No?  That’s because it was filmed in Canada. Remember “The Warriors” ?  Of course you do – that flick was shot in NYC.

There is a “vibe” here that you can’t fake.  There is history in the streets that can’t be “faked” by a set designer and liberal CGI use. Or maybe it CAN – but it SHOULDN’T be.

The set is already built . . .

At the end of the day it’s just another giant tent pole money machine for the Hollywood Studio System so OF COURSE they are going to do it cheaper and faster – but Marvel Comics is all about NY; and if there was ever a movie that had the potential to be the calling card of Marvel Comics – it’s this one.

As for the folks who are going to start telling me about dollars and cents and why and what not – I KNOW. It makes fiscal and logical sense.  I’m just disappointed. Up to now I’ve been nothing but “hype machine” about this movie.

Now – still into it, but it doesn’t feel as much fun.

Hey – Does this mean they’ve backed out of the Grumman Studios deal as well?  Okay – NOW I’m pissed.


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One Response to Dear Avengers: Cleveland is NOT New York.

  1. Andy says:

    A lot (or a hell of a lot…) more trucks and stuff at Grumman Studios this morning as I was driving by. Yeah, it would suck if the Avengers back out of the Grumman Studios deal, but I’m still holding out hope.

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