An Outsider checks out the first of 52 #1s

Believe it or not, I think I am the target audience for this whole “REBOOT THE UNIVERSE” thing going on at DC.

Not me specifically mind you; but me, as someone who likes comics in general, but doesn’t have the time or energy to follow every title and crossover storyline.

I was a HUGE fan in the early eighties from around when Kraven hunted Spidey right up to the point Bruce Wayne got his Bane busted spine “magically” repaired in time to take down Azrael.  I was there for the birth of Venom and the Death of Supes, but life took over around then and to be honest my taste for the Heroic transferred over to the movies and TV- things I could follow with far less commitment.

That being said; there was no way I could IGNORE this event so I jumped in at Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 figuring that if it was really a “jumping on” point I should be able to get up to speed without suffering through all the Flashpoint books.  Why start reading  a whole line that is about to get wiped out right?

Psychoslash does a nice job handling comic reviews around here so I’ll defer to his critique, but as a casually curious outsider to comics for the past 15 years or so . . . I kinda liked it.  I’ll be honest though; it screams of publicity stunt and I get the impression they could very easily flip the switch and restore order with little effort.   This is most likely the intended design.

Just a quick couple of observations before The Slashmaster shows up with his reviews:

$3.99?  Is that a joke?  Way too much money. These #1 books should tap out at $1.99 each TOPS. You can’t be expecting your fan base to lay out all that cash. Prices this high are only going to ENCOURAGE piracy and that’ s not going to help ANYONE.

Odd that the end of the established DC Universe centers around the death of one characters mother and the beginning of the new Universe starts with some closure regarding the death of a father.

I love Batman and Green Lantern’s banter but no way ANYONE – not even the Dark Knight,  just slips that ring off un-noticed. I’m calling bullshit.

Not terribly impressed with Jim Lee’s pencils on JL#1 . Not being a hater; just not as polished as I’d expect for the big bang book.

So there you go – so far not bad . . . I’ll be checking out more and checking in here.


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