Clearly George Lucas is Screwing with You.

Star Wars on Blu Ray is coming any second and it seems like each week we get a new little tidbit on the state of Mr. Lucas’s Opus.  At this point you should accept that he will NEVER  stop tweaking and at some point it will actually appear as an episode of Clone Wars but in 3D and all of the voices will be a combination of the guy who does Boba Fett and Rich Little (Note to self – check on the living/dead status of Rich Little).

So he replaced the HORRENDOUS Yoda puppet in Episode 1 with a digital Yoda.  Because clearly THAT was the problem.  Whatever.  It DOES look better so I guess we’ll see digital Yoda at some point in Empire. Don’t cry about it – just accept that it’s coming.


Wakka Wakka Yub Nub!

Apparently Ewoks now have digital eyes and I’m sure THAT won’t look too creepy.

The real news pissing off the fanboys is that when Darth Vader saves Luke and tosses the Emperor in the end of Jedi (Spoiler Alert I guess) he now says “No!” before doing so.


Rather than assume you understand what has happened in one of the most subtle moments of reflection in the whole double trilogy, he wants to make sure you understand WHY he does it.  Blech.


It’s as if he’s pushing the LAST time little orphan Anakin said no in our face . . .  remember how THAT turned out?


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