Red State is On Demand. Can I Demand my Money back?

Now that Kevin Smith’s Red State has made it’s way to On Demand Distribution I am able to tell you what you need to know.

Red State is not a movie.

It’s one long rambling scene that ties together violent imagery and oddly disjointed philosophy into what it thinks is a neat package but is really just a freaking mess.  It meanders around from nonsense scene to nonsense scene until culminating in a huge gun fight that feels like it’s supposed to be a statement of some sort but is really just as if you and me got some guns and played ATF attack while somebody filmed us.  It means NOTHING. There are no stakes here.  It’s empty and soul less.

Being a pot head has not helped Kevin Smith’s film making but sadly it seems to have really hurt his story telling.

The able cast is wasted (though not in the same sense as the director) and anyone who trumpets this as some kind of masterpiece of celluloid is simply kissing Smith’s ass. I’m looking at you John Lovitz.  I cannot believe there is no one in Smith’s camp who could tell him that this wasn’t working while it was in pre-production. No wonder he financed it himself; no studio outside of MAYBE TROMA  would pay for this.   To hear Smith tell the story, it was “too edgy” for the major studios. I think not. It’s not edgy. It’s stupid.

I’m not going to lie – this is a huge disapointment to me as I really wanted to believe the hype. Truth be told, it’s 100% grade A weak sauce and no amount of the screen dominating presence of John Goodman can save it.

Since Smith is getting out of the film biz with his next Hockey Opus “Hit Somebody” and I could not give 2 tenths of a shit about Hockey, I guess this is how it ends for us.

Tale of the Tape:

Clerks – I liked it. It was smart and edgy and funny as hell.
Mallrats – I LOVED it. This WAS my childhood.
Chasing Amy- Epic flick. Truly a masterpiece with an original important VOICE.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Strike Back? More like Sell out. I liked it though. Too many “in” jokes.
Jersey Girl- Not a third as bad as they make it out to be.
Clerks 2 – Gutless and empty.
Zack and Miri make a Porno – Movies with the word Porno in the title should not be this boring.
Cop Out – Surreal. Who does Kevin Smith want to be?
Red State – I already told ya.


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