Slashing through 52 . . .

Ok, so now that all of the New DC 52 books are out, I need to get a couple things off my chest. First, I have been reading comics for a long time, and when someone says reboot, I expect a lot of changes, not having some things stay exactly the same and some things be so wildly different that they make no sense. For example, DC has been saying for weeks that everything is new and exciting, but Green Lantern #1 has continued on with the same storyline that they were doing right before the shift. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?! This is supposed to be a reboot, but some books are just continuing on like nothing happened, so then what was the point? I guess they just wanted to shake things up. But wait, here’s another wrinkle to add to the not making sense category, DC is telling everyone that the Crisis storyline never happened. Ok, fine, I get that but if that’s the case, why is Ted Kord dead, how is Power Girl still on this earth, and how did Batman die? All those things happened around the Crisis storylines. So when characters make references to something that happened then, it makes no sense. DC needs to shore up what their ideas of this reboot are before they confuse people right out of their books. With that being said, overall I have been pretty happy with the reboot. For the most part they have revived characters that needed reviving, made other character more connectable, and gotten rid of a bunch of characters that no one cared about. Plus they brought back the badass detective Batman, which makes me happy. So without further wait, allow me to present my TOP 5 New 52 books so far, and my BOTTOM 5. I do ask dear readers that you try to give all books a chance past the first one; you never know how or when a book might turn and become one of your favorites.


Top 5

1. Justice League: Yes, the team is coming back together and you start with three heavy hitters in Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern. I can’t wait to see them all get back together, even though this is technically 5 years before the current timeline. Superman and Batman fight next issue, so watch for some awesome fireworks.

2. Red Hood and the Outlaws: This one is getting some heat because of the scantily clad Starfire, but please take it for what it is, a fun book that you really don’t have to worry to much about. Think the DC version of X-Force.

3. Batman: The kickass detective is back, and he’s going to make some big changes to Gotham. Let just hope he can beat up more people at Arkham.

4. Nightwing: Dick Grayson is back on his own, and he’s making it look easy. The story so far is great, with the idea that the new bad guy is chasing Dick, not Nightwing. Very interesting.

5. Superboy: Good book. Showing how he went from test tube idiot to super weapon is very interesting. Plus you add the surprise appearance by Rose Wilson and I’m sold.

Bottom 5

1. Superman: I didn’t want to hate this, but when Superman is whining through half the book about the old Daily Planet getting demolished, I say Superman has a long way to got to win me back. Also, when did Superman become Superstalker, just saying the Lois Lane part was creepy.

2. Animal Man: A creepy book that probably didn’t want to be. Animal Man bleeding through his eyes, then his daughter resurrecting the dead, just a weird story to start with.

3. Supergirl: Ok, so she has no idea where she is or what her powers are, but is able to beat up 4 mech units. Yeah that’s believable. Why are we doing an origin story here, and why didn’t it start in space?

4. Catwoman: Ok, so Catwoman looks amazing, but where is the substa……….wait what was I saying, the Catwoman book is sitting on my desk.

5. Firestorm: So this time they can both be Firestorm, then together become a Firestorm monster, and yet somehow I couldn’t care less. Really I tried to care, but I just didn’t.

That is it for me Slashers. I have read over every bit of the 52 books, and yes the DC future is looking bright, if they can just figure out how this reboot works. I just hope young readers will now be able to connect with the heroes I grew up enjoying. Or at the very least see that Grant Morrison is destroying Superman. You’re never too young to realize Grant Morrison wants to destroy all my favorite characters. Next week I’m back to regular reviews. Until them, GOOD FIGHT AND GOOD NIGHT.

Smoke Pellet and I run out humming the Rocky theme.


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