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Since the early days of 2008, Brother Jobu and Calmixx have used  their vast network of spies and advanced training in needlepoint to bring news and reviews of major and minor Geek Culture happenings to the internets.

They are available to host birthday parties in Las Vegas and can often be found meandering around Time Square plotting how to steal the Iron Man Armor from Toys R Us and start their own band of Avengers. Or something.

Feel free to contact them with comments, press releases, screening passes or invitations to swanky Manhattan parties.

Geek Propaganda Hotline: (347) 433-5211


2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. bill says:

    guys – i got photos of TOM HARDY AND ALON TODAY – headover to Fb community dark knigh rises – i saved my pics in folder called LINCOLN INNS FIELDS


  2. Hey, I’d love for you to post Kate Madison’s Lord of the Rings fan film “Born of Hope.” It can be found at:

    I wrote the screenplay for this film (under a pen name), so that is why I’d love to see it featured here!


    Paula DiSante

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