Ed, Eric, Bill or Mark; regardless of your favorite actor to portray the alter ego of the Incredible Hulk you have to admit that…

Wait a minute. That’s not really what I had in mind for this page.   No disrespect to the Gamma Scientist intended but this is actually a spot to showcase the site “banners” that we run at the top of the page.  Like the one up there above those Bruces (and the one David – Silly Seventies and their rewriting history!) Our awesome logo was designed by the immensely talented NY Graphic Designer Trevor Williams and ever since he created it, we’ve been tacking some silly pictures to the right of it and calling it a Masthead.  We try to change the banner about twice a month and so far none have been repeated. As a matter of fact many of them have actually been LOST as we didn’t bother to keep copies of them.  Going forward as they come off the top of the page, we’ll pop em up here as a sort of “Museum of stuff we stole off the Internet and manipulated for our own selfish purposes”. If you would like to commission Trevor for some logo work of your own (he does other stuff too) you can reach out to me at and I will give him your details.  Oh yeah – if by chance you “own” the images we’ve used in our silly little banners for our goofy website that costs us more money than it makes, please feel honored that we liked your stuff enough to steal it. Don’t get all huffy about copyrights and what not. Really. Ain’t no blood in this stone. There. So now you know.  And knowing is half the battle. The other half is screaming and bloodshed.


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