Fan Films

We have been addicted to internet Fan Films since Kevin Rubio made the Star Wars masterpiece “Troops”.  Our convention adventures have introduced us to many of the people out there making these micro budget labors of love and we are proud to provide an outlet to showcase their work. If you have a film you want to see here, reach out to us via our contact Page.

There is some not safe for Mom language in a few of these so don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Saber: Clare Grant in a parody of one of those ridiculous Axe Body Spray commercials.

3 Minutes: The Most Dangerous Game with Lightsabers and a cameo by Lara Croft. Hard to argue with that kind of description. Stars Harry Shum Jr. from Glee and is directed by Ross Ching.

Punisher 80: Christmas eve, 1980- a vicious serial killer has terrorized the city of Manhattan. The cops are clueless, the media is speechless. Only one man is willing to go the distance and rid the world of this maniacal monster, and that man is Frank Castle, the Punisher.

Catwoman-Resolution:Everyone feels the pressure to resolve their lifestyle for New Year’s Eve, including Catwoman’s alter ego, Selina Kyle. Reflecting on her existence leads her to give up her life of crime, but not before “borrowing” a designer necklace for a New Year’s Eve Party. When a crime lord orders the return of the jewelry, can CATWOMAN keep her RESOLUTION while fighting for her life?

Superman-Doomsday: This doesn’t really fit the definition of a Fan Film as it’s really just footage from other films modified and juxtaposed to give the illusion of being a sort of extended trailer for a new Brandon Routh Superman flick. It’s a very inventive one though with the Hulk playing a pretty convincing Doomsday. Actually not a bad animatic at all. Created with Adobe after effects; be sure and stay for the end.

Animated Jaws in 60 Seconds: Exactly what it sounds like.  An animated retelling of Jaws that lasts for 60 seconds.

Much More to Come !!!


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