Another Human Centipede Poster is out (of it’s damn mind).

Another Human Centipede 2 Poster has been released but I’m not posting it because it offends my delicate sensibilities.  Really. Just nasty stuff this sequel to the goofy original.

If you’re not aware, the movie is about a guy who becomes obsessed with the first Human Centipede movie and decides to do his own experiments.

It’s full of barbed wire, sandpaper, blood, guts, and stuff. I’m not objecting to it, just don’t dig it myself. So if you want to see the new poster designed to make you think it’s something it’s not and trick you into seeing it, click here.

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Malcolm in the Middle of ahhhh…ummm… I got Nothin’

CALMIXX: Hey Jobu; Frankie Muniz is in a Superhero movie or something.

JOBU: Who?

CALMIXX: Frankie Muniz

JOBU: Isn’t his name Munoz?

CALMIXX: Says Muniz here.

JOBU: Is it the same guy?

CALMIXX: Beats me.  Could be. I think so.I guess that’s how he spells it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in print before.

JOBU: Who else is in the movie?

CALMIXX: I don’t care about this anymore.

JOBU: Yeah I didn’t care about this to begin with.

CALMIX: Moving on . . .

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If you buy Avenging Spiderman #1 you get a “FREE” copy of Avenging Spiderman #1?

Marvel has just advised me to let you know that if you purchase a copy of Joe Madureira’s brand new comic book, AVENGING SPIDERMAN #1, they will give you a digital copy of it for free.


Oh.  Thanks. I guess. Is that something the average person buying physical comic books is looking for?

I mean I get it when you sell me a DVD of a movie and then provide a copy for me to put on my iPad so I don’t bother to rip it and maybe “lose chain of command” on the file, but if I’m buying the actual, physical book, do I even WANT the digital copy?  I know that when I buy a digital comic book, I don’t want to run out and get the paper. It defeats the purpose no?

Do me a favor and go to our Facebook page and weigh in on this.

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Beware the New Batman Animated Series

Batman and a “gun toting” Alfred team up with a young Ninja girl named “Katana” to fight lesser known Gotham City villains that Hasbro has not yet turned into toys.  Also – it’s CGI.

I’ll withhold judgment (barely) on the new series from part of the team behind Teen Titans  until I actually see it because THE BATMAN sounded dumb on paper until it launched and Batman – Brave and the Bold is fun, but to be honest at this point I think I’m starting to get too old for this stuff.


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Slashing through 52 . . .

Ok, so now that all of the New DC 52 books are out, I need to get a couple things off my chest. First, I have been reading comics for a long time, and when someone says reboot, I expect a lot of changes, not having some things stay exactly the same and some things be so wildly different that they make no sense. For example, DC has been saying for weeks that everything is new and exciting, but Green Lantern #1 has continued on with the same storyline that they were doing right before the shift. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?! This is supposed to be a reboot, but some books are just continuing on like nothing happened, so then what was the point? I guess they just wanted to shake things up. But wait, here’s another wrinkle to add to the not making sense category, DC is telling everyone that the Crisis storyline never happened. Ok, fine, I get that but if that’s the case, why is Ted Kord dead, how is Power Girl still on this earth, and how did Batman die? All those things happened around the Crisis storylines. So when characters make references to something that happened then, it makes no sense. DC needs to shore up what their ideas of this reboot are before they confuse people right out of their books. With that being said, overall I have been pretty happy with the reboot. For the most part they have revived characters that needed reviving, made other character more connectable, and gotten rid of a bunch of characters that no one cared about. Plus they brought back the badass detective Batman, which makes me happy. So without further wait, allow me to present my TOP 5 New 52 books so far, and my BOTTOM 5. I do ask dear readers that you try to give all books a chance past the first one; you never know how or when a book might turn and become one of your favorites. Continue reading

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Zombies Need T-Shirts Too

I had occasion to spend thirty five minutes in one of those “Life is Good” stores yesterday and the “happy sentiments” combined with the “rampant optimism” on display all over the store led me to a dark place artistically.

Maybe we’ll do these as T-Shirts.

Maybe not.  Hard to say.

Maybe we’ll just get back to work on the Unhappy Smiley Face Man books . . .

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Epic Fail for the Avengers Marketing Team

What in the name of Stan Lee is that MESS on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?

The first major Avengers Movie Magazine Cover Story and THIS is what you publish?

A bunch of shots  (NOT ONE GOOD ONE AMONG THEM) of the heroes in  a half assed photo shop mash up like it’s for the cover of a mid nineties DVD cover?

Absolutely SUCKTACULAR.  This production should have been taking group shots all the way through the shooting schedule expressly for “puff pieces” like this. This cover should be EPIC. It should be AMAZING. It should be full body shots in dynamic poses and Banner’s eyes should be kinda glowing green.  This cover is terrible and I hope somebody takes a boardroom beating for it.

It’s THE AVENGERS folks, not ROCKET SCIENCE.  “Get your “stuff” together and do it right.  CONTROL YOUR COVERAGE!

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