Post Your Puppy

Cos-Play Dogs.  Because why not?

We’ve done a good amount of research and as it turns out, people like to look at pictures of dogs dressed up as Super Heroes and/or Science Fiction icons.  We are firm believers in giving the public what they want.  So here is a gallery of Cosplay dogs.  If you want to see YOUR dog immortalized here on our webzone, send a picture to with “post my puppy” in the subject line.


One Response to Post Your Puppy

  1. Ron - Jerry says:

    You won’t need to convince me with deep phrases and deep thoughts, I’m able to read through your words and what you want to accomplish within your writings. I don’t have to agree just about all the time, but all I can say is, this is just a great article.

    What the hell are you talking about? I wasn’t trying to convince you of anything . . . this isn’t even really an article . . . It’s going to be a gallery of Superhero dogs. Ron; are you drunk? You can read through my words? I wrote “COMING SOON”. You’re some kind of weirdo Ron Jerry . . . but thanks for stopping by. I guess.

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