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Relax Animators in Korea … The Simpsons shall continue (to make boring episodes).

Remember like a hundred and thirty seven years ago when The Simpsons premiered as part of The Tracy Ullman show and was funny, edgy and pretty much the coolest thing ever? Yeah well that lasted for about five years but … Continue reading

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Darilyn chats up Dan Milano!

Hey Geekaverse!  Long time no see! For those of you unaware – I have been on a Rock and Roll quest that has forced me to spend less time here on the “mothership” but I had the good fortune to … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers FTW.

I sincerely hope you are watching Bob’ s Burgers on Fox.  Smart, edgy and absolutely absurd this might be the best animated series since Family Guy. The Simpsons is just not funny anymore and even Peter Griffin’s family is starting … Continue reading

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Did Julie Taymor get Photoshop and take over the X-Men Movie?

It’s like 2 steps forward, one step back with this new X-Men movie.  Who the hell is in charge of the marketing for this movie? First they released a terrible “floating heads” composite poster and swore it was not “official”.  … Continue reading

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When I first heard there was going to be a Nikita T.V. series my thought was… Oh… No. I was a fan of the original Luc Besson: La Femme Nikita movie and American remake, Point of no Return staring Bridget … Continue reading

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